Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fourth of July weekend = ROAD TRIP

Well hello darlings,
My family has decided to get out of our comfort zone and go on an adventure. For the fourth of July we have decied to roadtrip up to the middle of no where, USA. Well first we are stopping in San Francisco and staying with my brother and his wife. That should be a lot of fun. Then we are heading up to a city called Alturas, which none of us have been to but my mom's best friend invited us and so we are spending it with her family. There is supposed to be a big parade, lots of fire works, and then a town dance at the local high school. I'm so excited, it totally reminds me of living in a small town, (which is my ultimate dream) I can't wait to have a great weekend, even though when I googled Alturas;things to do the list came back with "0 things to do in Alturas" I will report back to all of you as soon as I have internet access again.

On a side note, let me catch you up on what has happened since I last posted. I went and saw Transformers, and it was fan*tastic, I loved it. I loved the cars, and the motorcycles. It was great. And events like these make me realize how small the town is that I live in because at events like these you are bound to run into your friend's parents, your neighbors and probably everyon you've ever been to school with. Haha, I think its great. On the way home I just wanted my car to turn into bumble bee, and I wanted to put the pedal to the medal.
This weekend was full of ups and downs, Friday we went to Newport Beach for Sheraan's birthday to have a bonfire. That was quite an adventure, we couldn't find Sheraan, and then we didnt have a fire pit, but then my brother, being the pro-active kid he is, he found us one, and we were all having a good time, making s'mores, listening to the boys sing, and play guitar, and then some one threw a silly string can in the fire..... KABOOM, there was a huge explosion, and we were showered in embers, and it was not pretty. There were a couple of us who immediately went into parent mode, we mader sure all the kids were ok, and then we moved all the stuff, and got the fire off of all the blankets, which was an effort. Needless to say that ended the bonfire.
On saturday we didnt do much, we went shopping for brenn, and then we got to take the Dart out to dinner, and that was cool and exciting. Then sunday we went to the beach and stayed out brenn's friend, Daniel's beach house. That was cool, we played football, and hung out at the beach. Then yesterday I took the day care ice skating. I think thats soo cool that its the middle of summer, with 90 degree we-ather,and I can go to a place where it is literally freezing. It was great, we had a blast. Then we came home and went swimming in the pool.

Ok, well I have some news that I have, that my girlfriends seem excited about are I met a barista at starbucks, and we'll have to see where it leads, but there have been a couple cute encounters, and we've come up with a plan (we = me and my best friend) that seems pretty foolproof. I'll keep you up dated. Ok, well I'm off on my adventure, I will update you as soon as I can about being in the car for 12hours, going to a city in the middle of no where, and experiencing 4th of July in quite a different way.
josslynn nicole