Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Soul mates..

Soo what do you think when you hear the term soul mates?

Hello lovelies, well, apparently extra stress causes me to wonder about really random thoughts. Today I was just thinking about the concept of a soulmate. My personal beliefs are that there is one person out there that is supposed to be with the other person, like there is an unseen connection and eventually they will find each other. Now, I am not saying this is correct, and some people do not even think that it is plausible. Some questions I have encountered due to this belief are the following:

- what if your soul mate marries someone else and then finds you?
- what if you find your soulmate, and you get married and then they die, then what?
- how will you find each other?
- even if they live at the north pole you think that you would still find them?

Ok, so I am not saying i have all the answers, and I know that I sound silly, but I do truly believe that there are soulmates out there. For the first question, I think that if they are supposed to be with you that something will happen to enable that. I dont really have answers to the other ones. I know that this is a fanciful idea. but it is one that I will continue to hold onto, until proven otherwise. Perhaps I am just a hopeless romantic, who grew up watching too many chick flicks and reading too many fairy tales, but I think in the end you always find the person you were supposed to be with, I just think that some people choose to settle too soon, and miss their opportunity. How do you ever know for sure? I don't know, but all the people I know who have fallen in love, and then gotten married, and it actually worked out have said that "they just knew" so hopefully I will just know.
Anyways, I know this just sounds like rambling, but I would like to hear your thoughts, how do you feel about the idea of "soulmates"?
josslynn nicole

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random thoughts..

Hello loves,

well this is a post about some things I've been thinking about, mainly to do with the opposite sex. I have friends, both male and female, and both sides are pretty open about their endeavors with the opposite sex. My girlfriends regularly talk about their crushes, as do my guy friends. And tonight I got to wondering, if perchance we were the objects of someone else's dinner conversation. As we sat their and talked I was just thinking... what if there are 4-5 guys sitting around a table, eating pizza (like us) talking to each other..about us? This is how i imagine it would play out:

guy 1"Dude, I saw her today, she was driving that grandma car again, and I thought she saw me, in fact I'm pretty sure she actually smiled at me" guy 2 "Dude... she doesn't even know your name, why don't you just talk to her?" guy 1 "I will, when an opportunity comes up" guy2 "yeah... ok...."

In some respect at least thats a combination of what both my guy girl friends sound like when we talk about crushes... and I just think it is a coold concept to think about.. "is someone one out there thinking about me? crushing on me? totally stockerneting me? haha" ok, so maybe the last one is just a westmont thing, lol, but perhaps? Anyways.. this just kind of got me through the night. I hope there is someone out there that is thinking about me.. And I hope sometime soon I will have a crush again.. so I can join the conversations..and talk about a boy I really like.. who may or may not know I exist, haha, but for now I live vicariously through my friends' infatuations, and stocking. haha.. and the lovely site maybe when I have a crush again I will write him an anonymous letter on there. Only time will tell. Just some crazy, outlandish thoughts for the night!


josslynn nicole

Just another manic monday!

It all started at about 3am Monday morning... that is when I knew it was going to be quite the week. So at 3am, i got up, and started tossing my cookies.. thats right I was tragically sick. I wasn't able to go back to bed until 6am, and in that time I emailed my professors, and tossed and turned in my bed. I ended up staying in bed all day. i only got out of bed to run over to campus to buy winter formal tix, turned out that was a big mistake.

So I go over there, buy the ticket, and then get back in my car thinking that I should go get gas... i try to turn on the car, it starts and dies. So what do I do, call my dad of course, I make him listen through the phone, he tells me I am out of gas. So I go back into the DC ask to borrow my friends car, go to her apt, pick up the red 5gal gas thing, then go to the gas station, where the gas attendant had to show me what to do. Then I head back up to campus. Mind you, it has just rained, its about 6pm, and it is super windy and about 50degrees out side. so i pull her car up to my car, get out, and attempt to pour the gas into my car, its a no go. One of my guy friends drives by and waves, he must of realized i was in trouble because he backed up and parked, and asked if he could help, i said yes please. I for got to mentiont that the 5gal thing's spout did not fit into the tank's hole, so I went into the DC and had to ask the kitchen for a funnel, so my friend and I attempt to fill the tank with the funnel. We get gasoline all over my car, our hands, and our shoes. Still 50degrees out side and dropping, and my friend had just come from baseball weight training so he is in a tshirt and bball shorts. So then his roommate comes up and suggests that we move the car to another angle so it may be easier to pour the gas in. This would be great if my car actually ran, so I get in, pput the car in neutral, and they get in front of my car, and try to push.. its a no go... they cant budge it even a little.. two more baseball boys walk by and offer to help, so they push my car back enough to get out of the space.. this parking lot is on a hill so I just glide to another spot, and then park so that the tank is now tilted correctly. So we try again, still doesnt work, so one of the guys suggests using a stick to keep the hole open, instead of the funnel. So we do that and we are finally able to get enough gas in so I can make it to a gas station.

Whoever said chilvary is dead does not know guys that I know. They were amazing, and truly my knights in shining armor. So that was my monday, no wonder I hate them so much. haha. However, this also made me thankful, as I was standing out there, freezing, and Im looking at the boy shivering in their shorts and tshirts I was thanking God, for my car, my wonderful, and amazing friends, and the fact that I may be cold at the moment, but that I had a nice warm bed, in a nice warm house to go to.


josslynn nicole

You're 20, now what are you going to do?

Well, if its me, I'm going to disneyland!!! So me and the best friend went to Disneyland, and had a blast, we met up with my cousins, and aunt and uncle for a little bit. I love them. And talli let me be a princess. I wore my crown, and dress, and went on a tour of the castle. I loved it! It was amazing how many people were celebrating their birthdays too! Tons of people told me Happy birthday, and I told tons of people happy birthday too, so fun!

Then we went and saw some of the characters, and unfortunately we didnt get a picture, but when we went up to goofy he bowed to me, and then when we were walking away he took my hand and kissed it. soo fun, i felt like royalty.

Then we met the mouse. and took this awkward hand holding picture, haha, fun times. Then we took our fast passes and ran to the Haunted Mansion, (because its my favorite) and we saw one of our high school friends working, and he actually told us one of our favorite high school teachers, mrs h was there, so i text her and we met up with her and her family and went on Thunder Mountain! Then we headed out, after I bought my sweet princess pink santa hat!!

Had such a wonderful birthday weekend!

Love everyone soooo much!


josslynn nicole

where does the time go??

Well hello my loves,

It has been quite crazy in my neck of the woods. Lets start with friday... The girls and I went out to dinner at Pascucci's it was amazing... well actually we had dinner at Panda Express while we waited for our name to be called at pascuccis, then we had dessert at Pascucci's. Absolutely love their brownie with coffee gelato. They lit a candle and sang.. the whole deal. Then we went to starbucks for coffee after. And my girlies got me some amazing gifts. I got the whistle for that wonderful organization I told you guys about, and a very "me and meg" card, it was too cute. Then Brie got me the Wuthering Heights novel, the classic one that I had posted about prieviously, and inside she put to me from her for my 20th birthday, so cute. and then meg got me this starbucks mug, and ornament, which i am now keeping at their apartment so I dont have to keep stealing theirs. It was so amazing to have such a lovely evening with all my girlies, Trisha, Meg, Brie, Meg, Sara, Nicole and Katelyn! I love them sooo much, and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Then I went and hung out with the boys for a while, we went and rented the Ugly Truth, I got to pick since I was DD. haha, anyways.. they all passed out, except for Justin, so we enjoyed it. Then I stayed the night at the girls' apt because Meg had to take me to the train station at 615, then I went home. Once I was home we had a birthday at the local pizza parlor, Wharehouse Pizza. It was great, I love my family! We were missing a few important people but we managed. Unfortunately I didnt take any picts with them. Well this is a longer post... so I think I will wait until the next one to talk about Disneyland..and then my Monday mishaps. so... to be continued.


josslynn nicole

Friday, December 4, 2009

Its Finally Friday!!

Hello my dears,
Well tonight is the first night starting off my birthday weekend of fun!! I am so excited! My girlies and I are going to get all dressed up and go have dessert, and coffee, and then decorate their christmas tree, and watch chick flicks. such a perfect way to celebrate my birthday! I am so happy to have such wonderful friends! I love them sooo much!!
josslynn nicole