Monday, September 28, 2009

Candy love!

Hello lovelies,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I look forward to telling you about mine, but for now I just wanted to do a post about candy. With the upcoming coming holiday, I thought it was appropriate to tell you all about my "candy requirements."

- I only like green apple blow pops, and jollyranchers
- I love all peeps but the easter birds are my favorite
- I eat my PEANUT m&ms starting with the colors I like least, to the colors I like best
- Red and Green skittles are my favorite
- I only eat Banana runts
- I LOVE candy corn
- My favorite candy has peanut butter and chocolate in it.
-My favorite chocolate is dairy milk chocolate from London
- I hate dark chocolate
-I only eat blue berry dumdums

Really random, I know... but I thought it was appropriate after my last post, hope you find the humor in it.


josslynn nicole

Friday, September 25, 2009

The world revolves around me... or so I would like to think.

Hello Darlings,
So this post is going to be all about me. Over at the lovely blog she did a post about introducing herself, called "Charmed I'm sure!" and I thought it was extremely cute, and a great idea. So I have decided to share some things that maybe you know about me and may be you don't, but all together they are the things that make me who I am. Starting off with the picture to the left. 1. I am a hopeless romantic, who really thinks that her prince charming is out there and will come sweep me off my feet when the time is right.

2. Ever since I was little my grandmother called me Princess, and still calls me that. In high school I was called that by my best friends, and I would like to believe it was out of love, not malicious in nature. And I admit openly that after the movie Princess Diaries came out I incessantly bothered my mom about whether or not she was keeping anything from me. Due to this obsession I also bought a book titled "Some day my prince will come" and that song was my ringtone for a while, as well my current ring tone is Love Story by taylor Swift.

3.I believe in fairy tales. I love them with all of my heart, and believe, that I will have my own.
4. My mom is my hero, and this picture reminds me of her because it is of giraffes, and that is her favorite animal.
5. I believ in true love, and love at first sight, and I believe everyone has a soul mate.
6. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough, and during Finals, I eat cookie dough and monsters as snacks.
7.I love starbucks, and have formed an addiction, as well as I love the crashing of waves, and absolutely love sitting on the beach, listening to the waves while I sip my starbucks
8. My purse holds my whole life, and is usually bigger then some people's carry-on luggage.
9. I act like one of the guys more often then not, and some times enjoy my guy friends company more than my girlfriends.
10. I want a tatto on my ankle.
11. I have an obsession with batman, and one time had a marathon on valentines day.
12. My favorite car is a 67 red mustang.
13. I used to have an obsession with mint green woodies, and a boy that had a crush on me once made me a model one. As well if i ever own a beach house, I want that to be my "beach car"
14. I love to sleep, and i am a grouch whenever I am woken up, whether it be in the morning or from a nap,
15. I have an obsession with British things. my wallet is the union jack in hot pink and black, and i have a tank top and jacket expressing my love for it. As well my dream is to one day live in London.
16. I love flowers, and want them all over my house when I own one. My favorite flower is the tulip, and my freshmen year of college one of my best friends sent them to me for my 18th birthday and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And my second favorite flower is gardenias, I think because my grandma had them outside her house when I was young, and my aunt wears that scent, and it reminds me of them, and happy memories of my daddy cutting one for me to stick in my hair.
17. I believe there is hope.... even when there seems to be nothing else, there is the hope that things will get better, or will change, and I wear a ring on my finger with the word hope on it to remind me that no matter what there is always hope.
So there are 17 things about me accompanied with pictures, and here are other tidbits you may not know about me.
-I snort when I laugh, along with making
a very loud donkey sound
-I love rainy days, especially when you can dance in the rain
-I love new york, eventhough I have never been there
-I sometimes believe that I was born in the wrong time period
-My favorite cake is tres leches
-I love the color red
- I love polka dots
-I love doing the dishes
-I love pictures (taking them, looking at them, being in them)
-I love romance novels and will sacrifice sleep to finish them
- i love country music
-I sometimes think I am a five year old stuck in a 19year old's body
-My little brother is probably my favorite person in the world to hang out with
- i love chocolate chip cookies
- i put pickles on my tacos(thanks to my stepdad)
-im a magazine whore(also thanks to my stepdad)
- i love cars and sports
-i drink soda out of wine glasses bc of the 'feeling' it gives me
-i love scrapbooking
-im a pack rat
-i am obsessed with gilmore girls
-i make lists abbout EVERYTHING
- i'll hang out at barnes and noble for hours (i blame my dad)
-i love my family, even though we are all a little crazy
-im obsessed with cupcakes and juicy couture
-i love my internship
-i sleep with the lights on after a nightmare
-i love reading blogs, and looking at the pictures
-i am ridiculously organized
-i hate cats
-I hate the water (ie pools, the ocean) and usually refuse to go in
-i have 8 brothers and 1 sister
- i love my name, and hate when ppl misspell it
-i love courteous ppl on the road, and even moreso when they see me crying, and mouth to me"its ok" that i am blocking two lanes because I am lost
-i always get lost
-i hate being late, and I hate when othere people make me late
- i watch way too much tv
- i think my blackberry was my greatest investment
-i love bubble baths
-i hate telling people my age, because they always think that I am older
-i love high heels
-im a jacketwhore
-i love motorcycles
Ok, well that is all for now. If you want to know more about me, or have any questions, or interest in talking to me, feel free to email me.
Happy Friday!
josslynn nicole

Thursday, September 24, 2009

why so serious??

Hello lovelies,
Well, it has started once again, Grey's Anatomy, tonight was the premiere, and I don't want to ruin it for anyone, so if you have not watched it yet and intend to I would stop reading now, because I am going to try really hard to not give it away, but I dont know how successful I will be at that. so... SERIOUSLY, dont read on if you dont want me to spoil it for you. (and ps I know the picture to the right is really old, but I love it) Ok, well tonight's episode dealt with death, and grieving and going throught the five steps and everything of that nature, and as I was watching, I saw myself reflected in Meredith the most, she closed herself off, she didn't become a recluse, bust she didn't grieve, she didn't break down, she just kept going. She didn't want to talk about it, she didn't cry, and she didn't want to be touched. And as I was watching it made me think about the death of my grandfather. I was the same way, I don't deal with death. I just pretend like it does not exist, and when I am comfronted with it, I just keep going, and don't acknowledge it. That probably says something about me, and I am sure there is a therapist out there who would have some kind of reasoning for me, but thats just who I am, and how I deal. So tonight, my college roommate and I were talking about this, about death, and how people deal with it. And she recently lost a loved one, and I am going to try not to share too much about her because I dont want to expose her if she wouldn't want that, but I am going to try to show you more of myself through the discussion I had with her. We were remembering the last conversations we had with our loved ones, and how they were trying to comfort us, which was ironic since they were the ones dying, but I guess in a sense maybe they saw it as easier on them because they knew what was coming, and we would still have to keep going without them there. Now for myself I went alone to visit my Grandpa in the hospital, I drove there, and talked to him, and I think it was the first time we had ever hung out alone. It was scary to see him like that, but at the same time it allowed us to have a deeper relationship, even for just that small amount of time. Thats the memories that are the most vivid for me, the end, when he was laughing at me for crying so much, and putting his arm around me, which was different because we had always done the standard, hello, kiss on the cheek and hug, but we weren't overly affectionate, and we never really showed our emotions, but in that one instance he filled my memory with a lasting impression. He told me to stop crying or they were going to have to bring in a mop to clean up all my tears, and he said that he didn't want me there if I was going to be sad, I could only stay if I smiled. That was one of the last times I saw my grandpa, we got a call one saturday to come to the hospital, becuase he had died. I went completely silent, I didn't want to talk to anyone, I didn't cry, and I didn't want anyone to touch me. When we got to the hospital, I didn't know how to react. My brother and my mom were walking together, and then I saw my uncle and he hugged me, and it was surreal, but in that moment he gave me the strength to continue into the hospital. We went in and met with my grandma, and my daddy. It was just us in the room with my Grandfather, and everyone was weeping, and hugging, and I didn't react. I was hugging everyone, and I was sad, but I never cried. We finally left, and I got home, and I just went to my room, I wouldn't let anyone talk to me, or touch me. And i called my best friend and told her to come over, that I needed her. She came over, and just sat with me in the silence. And then I told her what had happened and she just held me while I cried, and we talked it through, and I knew it was coming, but its not something that I think you can ever fully prepare yourself for. We had a luncheon to celebrate his life, and I remember everyone was out in the backyard, and my family besides my grandma and my uncle stayed int the house and just reminsced. This was quite some time ago. And yet tonight I realized it wasn't something that I ever really processed, something that I fully went through, and it is so strange how things as irrelevant as tv dramas can trigger something inside of you. I think what I was thinking about most is how this summer I was thinking about my Abuelo alot. I don't know what triggered those thoughts, but I just missed him. I think it is partly regret, that I don't know as much about him as I would like to, which has caused me to get to know my family even better so that I know as much as I possibly can about them. But this summer I missed walking in the door and seeing him sitting in his spot at the head of the table, its still weird everytime I see my dad there instead, which I know is natural progression but it still irks me a little everytime. We ate outside all summer, and in the back of my mind I was always wondering if it was because a little piece of all of us was in denial, like for some reason if we didn't sit at the same table, that he isn't really gone. And so many things are changing in my Grandmother's house its strange, first the chair was replaced, the one he used to sit in to watch tv, and then the kitchen was re-done, and now the table has been replaced, along with the chairs, and each new thing made me wonder if this was making it easier on all of us, like was it a way for all of use to cope, and keep moving forward. Or was it simply re-decorating for the sake of re-decorating. Of course there is more to this story, a past behind the Grandpa I knew, and the one that the rest of the family did, but I think that as much as he has a past I am going to choose to only remember those last happy memories I have of him, the humorous ones, where he was trying to make me smile, ,the ones were he was making fun of the family, but really that was his way of showing his love for us. And what I remember best is that a little while after he had passed my grandma told me that the day I went to visit him, he called her and told her "you are never going to believe who visited me today," and my grandma told me that I was a light for him, a source of delight, and happiness, and I never knew that, and it makes me happy to know that he loved me.
Well lovelies, I know that was a little deeper than usual, but I wanted to share, because I feel like that has been bottled inside for a long time, and tonight I felt very exposed after my conversation with my old roommate, and I feel like I have finally worked through the stages of grief, and that this really helped. Thank you for being patient and understanding as you read this, it was therapuetic for me. And I promise the next time I blog it will not be so loaded, it will have a lighter note to it.
And as my Abuelo would always say "ok, ciao!"
josslynn nicole

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Be the CHANGE!!

Tonight I went to a showing of the new video that invisible children has put together. And I have been moved once again. I absolutely love non profit organizations and I love to see how they are changing the world,and I love being a part of them in anyway that I can. So tonight my girlfriends and signed up to do the tri which is where we are donating 3 dollars a week, which is less then a frappuccino .
And I encourage all of you to be a part of something, no matter what it is.
Here is the address for this organization :
Another non-profit that is very close to my heart is Not 4sale.
Here is their website:
And one more before I go, that I love is called:
All very moving and amazing life changing organizations.
Alright, well I hope this encourages you to go out there and make a change!!!

josslynn nicole

Sunday Inspiration (part 2)

Hello again beauties,
I just felt like these quotes illustrate how I am feeling lately about my life, and my faith,
and I just found them to be very encouraging, and I
hope that they spark something in you as well.

One of my favorite men of all time!
Enjoy where you are, wherever that is.

Surround yourself with the people that help you grow into the person
you want to be.

josslynn nicole

Sunday inspiration

Hello lovelies,

well it has been quite a week of ups and downs, and in betweens, anyways...
we didnt get to go bungee jumping like we were hoping, but that was ok, because the girls and I filled our day with retail therapy, and a good movie. I ended up getting the long boots, and the british flag tank top. I cant wait to wear them, I'll be sure to take a picture when I do put them on. And we saw Love Happens, and it was very cute, much deeper then I thought it was, and also not such a cliche chick flick, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
In other news, I gave Reality church a second chance, and I really enjoyed it, I got alot out of the message, and it was really nice, and it stirred something inside me that I am excited about checking into, once my idea is in full swing I will be sure to fill you in on my new inspiration.
The pastor talked about filling yourself with the Holy Spirit, and letting that shine through you, and how your relationships are like triangles, and God should be at the top, and as you move closer to God within your relationships, the closer you are to the people in those relationships, and I was just reflecting on that with one of my girlfriends, and it is soo true.. The strongest friendships I have, and even family reltionships are those that are Christ centered, and I just think that is so profound, and invigorating. I am amazed at how God is continually working in my life. Alright, well those are my thoughts for the moment, nothing too exciting happening right now, however I did meet a boy (well kinda) we havent actually met in person, but we are friends of friends, and we started talking on Facebook, of all places, he seems really nice, and I am really excited to see what this new friendship has in store, I think that it is an opportunity for both of us to relate to each other for two very different perspectives, and I am excited at the possibility. As well, on the topic of the internet, I just find it more and more amazing everyday, I have been talking to my friends all over the world in Iraq, and London, and Germany, and it is just so fantastic. It reminds me of Brad Paisley's song "Welcome to the Future"

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

josslynn nicole

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekends are for.... reading...

Hello my loves,
Well, this weekend has been quite an enjoyable one. I was able to do everything that I have wanted to get done since I moved in. Officially I am ready for this new year. Lots has already happened and we are only two weeks in. Orientation was amazing experience, I am sooo glad I was a part of it.. The people were great, and I loved hanging out with all of them. I even became better friends with people that were once acquaintances, and it was perfectly lovely. We had a line dancing night,and open mic night,and a huge bbq at the beach where I played hours of beach volleyball, I loved it!!!

The girls and I dressed in our best plaid

I actually went home the first weekend because my brother had a 5day weekend so he came home as well, it was very nice, we hung out wtih the family, and discussed at length his roommate situation.

As well this past week, I started my internship at the fantastic company TOAST. Here is a link to the website As well i am on that blog too! I am so excited about everything that is going on this year. I feel like I have finally come into myself as a college student, and it is quite an amazing feeling!

At long last you are all officially up to date on the current happenings of my life.. The above picture is how I spent my saturday, with a coke, a cupcake and a captivating novel.. Oh it was quite a lovely afternoon. Today I am enjoying a dreary santa barbara day, this morning I went to church, and this evening I am going to cook for my girlfriends, yes you read right, I am going to COOK, I know it is a little hard to fathom since the extent of my cooking skills is whatever can go in the microwave, mac n cheese, and cereal, which doesnt really count. But since they have been cooking amazing meals for me, it is now my turn to repay them. So I am attempting shrimp bruschetta, and soup, and salad, which shouldn't be too hard, I hope, I will let you know the outcome. Until then Ciao!


josslynn nicole

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer summed up..

Well hello beauties,
I hope you all are having an amazing weekend, mine is a bit dreary with the beautiful santa barbara covered up by ominous skies, but that is ok, bc that is actually how I like it, now if only a rainstorm would hit! Anyways, I am hoping that with this last post I will be all caught up, and you will be completely filled in on my summer, that way I can fill you in on what is taking place in my life presently.

These are some fabulous people that I have known since I was in kindergarten,
L-R Alyssa (my best friend in the world), Matt, kariann, and myself
Matts older sister got married (pictured below with her husband) and so we all got together to celebrate, his mom was also our girl scout troop leader, good times!

Here is Anthony's little one, who is now 3 mos old, Kieran,
he finally came over to visit me, and as we were talking Kieran
fell asleep right on his daddy's lap, such a sweet baby,I cant believe how big he is.

Here is my best friend Ryan, and his fiance, so excited for them both, they are getting married
in November! and this was right after he got back from his first tour. He is an amazing friend, as well as marine.

Also, this summer, my little bro left for college, this is us "sleeping" on the roadtrip... of course this is a posed picture, we were definitely sprawled out across the seats, trying to get comfortable, and failing miserably... anyways, it was a fun trip.

Me and the little bro saying goodbye to one another, I love him so much, I can not believe he is in college.

The boys, all walking to the car to say goodbye to brenn, sad day!

One part of the family on the roof of brenn's new apartment,
He's officially on his own!

just Talli and I kickin' it with mickey, the only boy that will never disappoint.

Me and Talli assuming our roles as princesses, this was actually one of the most fun times I
have had at disneyland, we wore our crowns all day, and were referred to as your highness, and Princess, it was fantastic, I always knew I was a princess,

These two girls are amazing, they were my roommates freshmen year of college and I love them dearly, Marina(the one on the left) left for Europe for the semester so this was our goodbye/birthday dinner for her. I love them both soooooo much, and I miss her tons!!! but its ok because we skype,and Im all the time, its great! I love technology.

And of course, to end on a happy note I had to put this up, because I haven't posted about my obsession with this movie in a while, and I just thought it was too cute!
Alright beautiful people, that is all for now, and next time, I will be able to tell you about school, and all that it has in store for me.
josslynn nicole