Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally the Fourth

Hello beauties,
Well it has been quite a looooonnng time since my last post. While I was at home for some reasono the wireless internet I had been using decided to no longer work, so I never had a steady connection. I apologize for that. So now I am going to attempt to sum up my entire summer for you in about a paragraph. We'll see how this goes.
I believe I left off with 4th of July which was quite an experience, the drive there alone was intense, we were practically to the Oregon/California border, which is a long ways from LA, but it was fun. About 2 hours out of town there was a Target, so we stopped and did some shopping, which is a bad habit my mom and I love, shopping while on vacation. I guess I should back up a little. We stopped in San Francisco first, which was great. We had dinner with my brother and his wife, and got to see their new house. Then the next day we went to the most splendid tea shop called "Crown and Crumpet" it was absolutely adorable, and then I had a conference call where I was talking to two women in two other states, that was quite fun, I felt very important.
Then we headed to Alturas.. that was an adventure. It was so cute, we were on the outskirts of town, and I saw this row of houses with American flags waving in the front yard.

So I have to tell you that it was ALL about the firmen in this little town. If I moved there, I would probably marry one, haha, At the bbq after the town parade down mainstreet the fire men went against volunteer firement in a race to send the giant tin canister from one end of the suspended rope to the other with their hoses it was pretty cool.
There was also a helicopter where the firemen were stationed at all day, needless to say Katie and I took all 15 kids from our group to go see that helicopter, and we even took a turn ourselves.
here are some of the munchkins, dont they look soooo cute! Definitely all american girls.
Well, that is it for my fourth of July adventure, I have much more to tell you, so I will be posting the rest next! So please stay tuned,
josslynn nicole