Monday, April 26, 2010

oh wow what a monday~

Hello lovelies,
Ok, so a few of my surprises. First, I will be working at TOAST full time over the summer. So amazing, God has truly blessed me. I am so thankful, this year is one of the most amazing one's of my life. Along with that good news, I didn't tell you guys, but I applied for SBIC core team, which means instead of just going on the trip to San Francisco, I will be leading it and I made it, they picked me as one of the leaders. So blessed!
We had our first team meeting on Friday, and the team is soo great, I am so excited to work with all of them, they seem so sweet and wonderful! On a side note, school is done in two weeks, and after that I will be going to visit my best friend in St. Louis for a week, which is going to be great because me and my other best friend Citlalli will all be together once again, it is going to be such a great week. Ok, so that is everything exciting going on in my life! I am so blessed, and i love my life!
josslynn nicole
ps.. didnt get to give blood, needed an appointment. =(

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21 things to do UPDATE

Just a quick update...
21. Road trip - complete
San Francisco trip with SBIC major road trip

18. Blood drive to be completed today... wish me luck!

Long time no... blog?

Hello my dears,

so sorry I have been away so long...

Ihave been up to soo many things. Events, dance, school, and work, and on top of that school. So i"ve been a little busy. So ready to be done with school, I have about 2and half weeks left, and then summer begins, and life slows down for about 5days, and then on I'm on the go again.

I have some very exciting things to share, but I am going to wait a little while longer, for now, I have am going to share a picture from the dance I attended on Saturday, and maybe some time soon I will put up some easter ones... ok, Have a lovely day! Can't wait to tell you about everything that has been happening, and that is coming up.
josslynn nicole

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Here's a little bit of the loveliness of my weekend, I will share more when I have time later in the week
josslynn nicole